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This is it by akatsuki-chick-sayo This is it :iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 0
What i wish you saw
i love you with all my burnt heart i hope your happy when you know somthingz wrong but you dont care i'll alwayz love you you'll never understand how much i ttruly love you as i write this knowing you'll never see it i cry tears as black as my heart my eyez burn from the eyeliner i wear to show emotion and knowing you'll never im gonna be honest you can do drugz or drink or cheat on me if we were to date again il still love you no matter how much pain u hav caused me il still love you and when you told me you love mary a tear slid from my souless eyes i wish you could see inside my eyez to se my pain the pain you've caused i really wish that one day il be happy without you but for now il watch you and b a lonesum soul wandering away from life
:iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 0
Lost My Love
I have lost the plot,the game,the light at the end of my tunnel,my heart beat,my soul what ever you want to call it i have lost it. He doesnt want me he broke up with me for no reason he lied he told me he meant it that he loved me he meant it or thats what he said i knew when he did it i felt my heart plmut to my core to the black hole i call my soul,my heart has been swallowd and is going deeper and deeper in to this gicantic black abyss fill with the sarrows and remorse ,the drain is cloged my breath it slows my speach lowers to a simple hum of expectation from others to call me emo or a freak of human kind i dont snap back like i use to since my heart has been in the abyss for all these years i have yet to return to "normal" as the others call it. They call me things behind my back. I hear the click and clack of the feet of death fallowing me wait for me to snap and scream and beat the living shit out of people for calling my emo or a freak one day they'll regret it not today nor t
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Lovers by akatsuki-chick-sayo Lovers :iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 0
You'll never understand
You just dont understand why I do what I do,do you?
Why I dress differently than the rest of you,like I know you all do!
Why I walk with my head slung forward,instead of held you high,like you!
Why I dont talk much like everyone else does,just like you!
Why I  choose to leave everyone alone if they dont come to me first,unlike you!
Why I dont care what others think,like you obviously do!
Why my friends know they need to leave me alone,you just walk up to bug me!
Why know understands completely why I do what I do and everyone knows why you do what you do!
You know who you are if your reading this and knowing what I mean
You are my sister
You are my friend
You are the one I love
You know why I do what I do
You know that you've always been there for me when I fall
You dont
:iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 10
Oc akatsuki:Sayo
It's 2:38am and Deidara woke up to the sound of lightning
"DANNA"he jumpd out of bed realizeing that Sasori wasnt there.Deidara walk to teh bathroom and splaced his face with water and went back to bed and few minutes past and Sasori heard his name echo down the hall.
"ugh that lil brat"he clothed himself adn walkd down the hall to Deidara's room and put his head on the door to listen...nothing,its quite.A nother strike of lightning.
"AHHH"Deidara screamed"Danna why he never come,un"Deidara wimperd,Sasori knocked on teh door
"brat you in there"Sasori asked,knowing he was
"yes i am"
"can i come in?"
"oh,yes yes please"another stike"AHH,sorry please come in"Deidara said crying at his fright
Sasori walked in"are you ok"
"hn?oh yes,un, im ver-"another strike ,Deidara gasped as he jumped
"do you want me to stay"Sasori said knowing the awnser
"if you want to"Deidara wimperd
"ok then"he walked towards Deidara and laid down on his bed,Deidara laid next to him,another strike both jumped
:iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 0
Mature content
Confused :iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 1 0
Mature content
fuck this :iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 0
life by akatsuki-chick-sayo life :iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 0 HELP by akatsuki-chick-sayo HELP :iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 5 SASODEI by akatsuki-chick-sayo SASODEI :iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 4 sasuke 1st try by akatsuki-chick-sayo sasuke 1st try :iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 2
Txt talk
Friend:Ah.That's good.Are u still with deidara-kun?
Us:Ya itz sitting on me
Friend:Lolz.tell deidara-kun that itachi will get him for stealing my eyeliner
Us:Dei dei dnt care
Friend:*itachi poke* thats what he gets
Us:*dei poke*take tht
Friend:Dei poke?Wtf?U cant steal my trademark *bitchslap*lol
Us:*sai lafz ass off*lmao
Friend:*sasori walks in,bitch slaps itachi*no one touches deidara without my permission.
*toby glomps dei*dei dei sempaiiii!
Us:*dei choking*let go of me un!!
Friend:*tobi smothers dei* i wuv u dei dei sempaii!~ *sasori keeps slapping itachi*
Us:*Sai walking to the hugging and slapping*uhh watz going on?
Friend:*sasori keeps slapping* itachi. Is. A. Baka.
*toby releases dei* ah oh!! I squished dei! Dei-sempai breathe!*toby pushes on dei's chest*
Us:*dei finally breathing*get off me tobi!!
Friend:Dei!!!~*toby swings dei around,singing*
Us:*glares at tobi*SOMEBODY HELP ME!!
Friend:*sasori turns around dramatically,runs dramatically to dei and pushes toby to the side dra
:iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 0 0
Mature content
two lovers :iconakatsuki-chick-sayo:akatsuki-chick-sayo 1 2




psst down here i know you see me
United States
HI i am Akatsuki-chick-sayo i love long walk and waking up early HAHAHAHA lol no i like being a computer hog and sleeping in il muh friends and family i am a lame artist and writer :( eh but wat evr plz dA watch me

Current Residence: HELL level 7 :3
Favourite style of art: Anime,Manga
MP3 player of choice: iPOD
Favourite cartoon character: muh Oc's and friends Oc's
well this is probably my first and last visit on this account. My new account is Gothic-Demon,

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